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Windows Phone To Get NFC Mobile Payment Feature

The next version of the Windows Phone operating system is expected to include the NFC mobile payment feature, sources familiar with the plans have claimed.

According to an article on Bloomberg, the NFC mobile payment feature, so far available in a select few phones such as the Android based Samsung Nexus S, will be available on the next Windows Phone OS, unnamed sources have revealed.

NFC technology can be used to make payments in stores by simply passing a mobile phone in front of a compatible payment terminal. This move would make Microsoft the next smartphone software provider to enter the mobile payment market following the lead taken by Google.

According to statistics provided by Gartner Inc, the use of NFC mobile payments are likely to increase from $32 billion in 2010, to $245 billion by 2014. With the introduction of this feature, Microsoft will be keen to profit from the innevitable evolution of the smartphone towards being not just a mini pc but also a wallet.

Nokia is believed to be backing Microsoft on this, having stated that it is going to use Windows Phone software in its upcoming devices. Nokia additionally announced that it is going to introduce NFC as standard on its upcoming smartphones using the Symbian platform.