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Acer president Gianfranco Lanci resigns his post

Computer giant Acer has made a surprising announcement today: the resignation of chief executive and president Gianfranco Lanci, with immediate effect.

According to a company spokesperson, Lanci held different views from the majority of the board - leading to a rift that could not be healed, despite several months of negotiations between the parties. Areas of disagreement include, we are told, the relative importance of areas such as scale, growth, customer value creation, brand position enhancement, and resource allocation.

Acer claims Lanci's departure will not affect operations at the company, which will continue to function as normal. While a new chief is found, current chairman of the board J. T. Wang will take on the role of acting chief executive and president.

"The personal computer remains the core of our business," Wang reassured employees and investors. "We have built up a strong foundation and will continue to expand within, especially in the commercial PC segment. In addition, we are stepping into the new mobile device market, where we will invest cautiously and aim to become one of the leading players.

“In this new ICT industry,” Wang continued, “Acer needs a period of time for adjustment. With the spirit of entrepreneurship, we will face new challenges and look to the future with confidence.”

With Wang taking over the operations of Acer's international business, Lanci's secondary role as president of the company's EMEA operations has been filled already. Walter Deppeler, an Acer employee since 1997, will step into Lanci's shoes as the president of Acer EMEA, again effective immediately.

We have asked Acer for clarification on exactly what 'different views' led to such an abrupt departure for Lanci, and will update this coverage should we receive a reply.