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Analyst Firm Expects iPhone 5 To Come In Q3

Peter Misek of Financial services provider Jefferies & Co issued a note saying that he expects the iPhone 5 to be launched in the September quarter which corresponds to the end of Q3.

Misek joins a number of other analysts and news commentators that have publicly backed the rumour that the iPhone 5 will indeed come out later this year, just in time for the holiday season and possibly coinciding with the annual iPod messe in September.

Barrons' Tiernan Ray reports that Misek believed that the iPhone 5 and the iOS 5 will be released after Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference during which Apple's iconic phone was normally launched.

Misek posits that Apple's delay may be explained by the company's decision to incorporate new cloud-based features that would "represent a significant step forward" and surpass what the competition is currently offering.

He also wrote that Apple may be looking to introduce a phone with LTE capabilities and include a chipset that will be compatible with both AT&T and Verizon Communications network (ed : and potentially other non US technologies as well).

In line with our expectations, Misek added that "the iPhone 5 could contain new chips from Qualcomm incorporating GPS and WiFi on the same chip (and in future the stocker could support Bluetooth and NFC [near-field communications]).”