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Apple iPad 2 To Be Delivered In UK In May!

One of our readers have sent us a screen capture of with details of the estimated shipping and delivery dates for his iPad 2 complete with a smart cover and a digital AV adaptor.

Apple estimates that the item will be shipped on the 22nd of April and delivered on the 3rd of May, six weeks after its UK debut. This leads us to believe that it might actually be shipped directly from the United States (or indeed China).

The tablet was launched last Friday in the UK and within minutes users reported that Apple pushed the first delivery dates to the beginning of April.

Within hours, the delivery window moved to the third week of April. Exceptionally high demand for the device means that many of the bigger retailers like Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy or PC World have already run out of stock on the twelve iPad 2 SKUs.

Lucky customers however may still grab the tablet at Tesco and Comet. We've also noticed a worrying trend amongst a few smaller retailers where iPad 2 prices have been put up by as much as £100 on some models.

The iPad 2 was officially launched in the US at the beginning of March 2011 and proved to be just as successful as the first version. Apple cut its price in the UK as well as improved its performance, added a couple of cameras, made it slimmer and lighter and added a new OS.