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BBC Explains Cause Of Website Crash

The BBC websites suffered a major technical failure on Tuesday which affected many of its services including the news site, iPlayer and many others.

The problem lasted for around an hour with visitors questioning how such a massive failure could take place.

A statement from the officials was released later admitting having had a major network problem. Apparently, the problem was caused by the simultaneous failure of its systems, closely followed by the failure of their backup.

"For the more technically minded, this was a failure in the systems that perform two functions. The first is the aggregation of network traffic from the BBC's hosting centres to the internet. The second is the announcement of 'routes' onto the internet that allows BBC Online to be 'found'," Richard Cooper, BBC controller of digital distribution wrote.

Steve Herrmann, the editor of BBC news site later apologized for the inconvenience faced by its users. Mr. Herrmann wrote in his blog: "Normally this would not cause any problems as we plan for events like this and run backup equipment. But, in an unusual turn of events, these also failed, meaning that the whole of BBC Online became unavailable. A number of internal services were also affected.”