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Creepy App Takes Internet Stalking to a New Level

A new application which gleans information from social networking sites is a warning to all to take care of their own privacy settings, says the software's author.

The Appropriately named Creepy trawls through the likes of Facebook and Twitter and pulls location tags from photos and other metadata, producing a map of recent locations more than accurate to pinpoint where a person lives within a few metres.

The software's author Yiannis Kakavas told Thinq that he'd created the scary app in oder to highlight the dangers of social networks and image storage sites.

"The purpose in creating Creepy was twofold," Kakavas explained. "First, to try and raise awareness about privacy in social networking platforms. I wanted to stress how 'easy' it is to aggregate all the seemingly small and innocent pieces of data people are sharing into a 'larger picture' that potentially gives away information that users wouldn't think of sharing. For example, where do they live, where do they work, where and at what times they are hanging out, when they are not at home et cetera. I think that sometimes it is worth 'scaring' people into being more careful on how much they share online.

"Secondly, I wanted to create a tool for social engineers to help with information gathering. I believe Creepy can be of real use to security analysts performing penetration testing for the initial process of gathering information about the 'targets' - information that can be used later for a number of purposes."

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