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Google To Tighten Control Over Android

Google is keen on taking a tougher stand on the hardware and software requirements for manufacturing handsets and developing custom software based on its Android OS, a report has suggested.

According to a report on Business Week, the main intention of Google is to adopt a similar approach to Microsoft with the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, which will eventually lead to the standardisation of the chip-sets used for powering Android devices, and at the same time, bringing down the level of customisation to the OS code.

While there has always been a certain standard to meet in Android agreements, Google has tightened its policy in the past few months, the report revealed.

Several other distinct reports are also claiming that after the enforcement of this new policy, if manufacturers want continued early access to the software, they will require the approval of none other than Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin himself.

This new hardline approach by Google applies to both hardware and software for Android platform. Rumours are that the company is looking forward to enforcing a standardised chipset with ARM for all Android 3.0 devices.

The question arises whether this could mean the end of all customised Android Uls.