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HP Offers WebOS 3.0 SDK To Developers

In its official blog post on Wednesday, Hewitt-Packard formally announced its decision to give developers early access to the webOS 3.0 software development kit.

The company further stated that it is giving away this early access in the hope that the developers will start working on applications for the company’s upcoming TouchPad tablet.

According to HP, the software development kit contains everything that the developers will need, including tips on app structuring, design and navigation for the tablet.

The kit uses Enyo, the new development framework for WebOS. Enyo is basically all about improving the performance, as well as the ease-of-use compared to its predecessor. It will also come in handy for developers trying to build application and user interfaces that can run on products with different screen sizes and resolutions.

However, that’s not all WebOS has to offer developers. It also allows them to develop applications compatible with both printers and PCs, in addition to smartphones and tablets.

HP recognises it won’t be an easy task to make WebOS a leading operating system right away, as experts have suggested. The company is starting from the scratch, with a market share of no more than 0.6% last year.