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iPad 2 Modders Enable Wireless HDMI Mirroring

Two iPad 2 users have figured out a way to mirror the iPad’s screen wirelessly to an HDTV, without requiring of a great deal of tampering.

The modification, which needed just a few additional components, was carried out by Eric Govoruhk and Kelly McAteer, who then posted their exploit on YouTube.

The new HD mirroring capability in the iPad2 is undoubtedly one of it’s most appealing features. But the recent discovery made by the two modders has opened the door for a whole new range of possibilities, bringing in the scope for even more interesting and innovative ideas to take this feature to the next level.

The iPad enthusiasts conducted this whole wireless mirroring setup at the request of a client. The set up required little more than Apple’s digital AV Adapter, an HP Wireless TV Connect device and a USB battery.

No doubt the mod does require a fair amount of technical knowledge, as well as a bit of elbow grease, but there is certainly no need to conduct any hardware manipulation of the gadget that would demand its interior to be cracked open.

The chances are that third party accessory makers, or even Apple itself is already working towards making the technology available in the next version of the iPad.