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Microsoft Formally Complains To EU Over Google

Microsoft, having raised issues publicly about Google’s competitive practices, now has gone a step further and lodged a formal complaint with the European Commission.

Microsoft said it was concerned about “a pattern of conduct aimed at stopping anyone else from creating a competitive alternative.”

The complaint filed by the software giant directly points fingers at Google’s alleged practice of artificially holding back Bing, the search engine from Microsoft Corp.

The complaint also refers to the situation, allegedly created by Google, where it prevents competing search engines, especially from Microsoft and Yahoo, from being able to properly access the video search results related to Youtube, which was bought by Google in 2006.

It also accuses Google of blocking Youtube from working properly in Windows phones, as well as in the iPhone.

Brad Smith, vice president of legal and corporate affairs at Microsoft wrote in his blog: “Unfortunately, Google has engaged in a broadening pattern of walling off access to content and data that competitors need to provide search results to consumers and to attract advertisers,”

However, Microsoft also did acknowledge the fact that it has been at the receiving end of similar allegations in the past, but at the same time, also insisted that this is the first time they have lodged a formal complaint on this issue.