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PlayStation Emulator App Removed Ahead Of Xperia Play Launch

Search engine giant Google has removed a popular PlayStation emulator app from its Android Market ahead of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Play launch.

According to a report on Cnet, the PSX4Droid emulator, which allowed users to play vintage PlayStation One games on their Android devices, was removed from the Android Market.

ZodTTD, which developed the popular emulator, confirmed in a series of tweets that Google had indeed removed the app from the Android Market. The timing of the devices launch and the removal of the app indicate that Sony might have sent a takedown notice to Google.

“psx4droid v2 was pulled by Google due to 'Content Policy violation',” the developer first tweeted, adding in a second tweet he was “Trying to determine what can be done." He followed up by saying, "Sony's Xperia Play must be coming soon. Google just suspended all my legal Sony PSX emulator app id's from MarketPlace.”

The takedown comes as the developer was preparing to release an update to the emulator, which would have allowed users to play classic PlayStation games in a better way. Meanwhile, emulators for other gaming consoles and hand-helds remain unscathed, indicating that Google is not removing other similar apps.