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Radioplayer Goes Live Today Offering 157 UK Stations

The much-awaited Radioplayer, a central hub for radio in the UK, including all of the BBC’s radio stations as well as the majority of commercial stations, has been launched today.

The new service is expected to do the same for online radio as Freeview did for digital television. A huge number of radio stations, 157 as of now, have adopted the radio platform. Each station that joins the scheme will adopt Radioplayer as its default player on their website.

"Every station on Radioplayer will be one click away from every other station, and listeners will have the ability to search the whole of UK radio, discovering exciting new content," Radioplayer chairman Andrew Harrison said.

The Radioplayer streaming content is initially only available online, though it is expected to be made available in smartphone and tablet apps later this year.

The design is quite simple, with an emphasis on consistent delivery irrespective of what you are listening, be it the Juice 107.2 from Brighton, or a national station like BBC Radio 4. The play button, the volume control and other control options, all are in the same place, and work in the same way.

Around 4.7 million people in the UK listen to the radio via the internet per week, the new Radioplayer should help to see that figure rise considerably.