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Samsung Galaxy S Plus Appears Online

A new Samsung Galaxy model, the Galaxy S Plus otherwise known as the i9001, has appeared online courtesy of a Samsung's Russian blog.

The device, which was spotted by SamsungHub, will apparently come with a single core 1.4GHz system on chip (which we believe will be a variant of Samsung's own Exynos Cortex A9-based chip).

It will come with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, 8GB internal memory, a 1650mAh battery, a metallic cover and what looks like a front facing camera.

The phone, which will be available from next month in Russia, may cost up to $840 based on its price in rubles, which translates into a rather expensive £520.

Still while we understand Samsung's interest in re-engineering a winning formula, one has to remember that the Samsung Galaxy series has been around for nearly one year now and the whole range would probably welcome a more significant refresh.