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Samsung Rebuts Preloaded Laptop Spyware Claim

Computer maker Samsung has countered reports claiming that the company is installing spyware on its laptops.

According to a report published by Network World, security researcher Mohamed Hassan said that the two Samsung laptops he had purchased contained key-logging spyware.

His report echoed a similar incident when Sony was caught installing rootkits on its audio CDs in order to monitor how users copied and distributed its music.

Key-logging spyware tracks the words typed by a user and reports them back to a remote command and control centre. Hassan said that a full system ant-virus scan had returned positive on the spyware. However, Hassan also claimed that he had installed an application called StarLogger to check how the system worked.

Samsung denied his claims and assured that its laptops were completely secure. The company also launched an internal investigation which revealed that the researcher had used a security program which mistook a Windows Live file as malware.

“The statements that Samsung installs keylogger on R525 and R540 laptop computers are false. Our findings indicate that the person mentioned in the article used a security program called VIPRE that mistook a folder created by Microsoft’s Live Application for a key logging software, during a virus scan,” the company said in a statement to Thinq_.