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Samsung Starts Mass Producing Of Transparent LCD Monitors

Remember the video we brought you of that solar-powered transparent touchscreen LCD television Samsung Display showcased at CeBIT at the beginning of March? Well, they have just announced that they started full scale production of the transparent panel, only in 22-inch for now and without touchscreen capabilities.

The panels will come in two different formats, one black and white and the other colour and they will have a contrast ratio 500:1 with a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels.

The monochrome model has a better transparency rate than the colour one (20 per cent vs 15 per cent) and both have a much better transparency rates compared to the conventional panels that use backlight unit.

Being transparent means that the the BLU is no longer needed as the LCD uses ambient light such as sun light; this allows for an energy saving of up to 90 per cent.

This means that the monitor could potentially be powered by the USB port only (like this AOC model) and use Displaylink as substitute to D-Sub or DVI; Crucially, it comes with HDMI and USB ports, hinting at the fact that Samsung may replace it as a TV/Monitor hybrid in the future or add it to its Lapfit range.

The Samsung display we saw at CeBIT adds touchscreen capabilities as well as the ability of being powered by solar and ambient light to it. The fact that it is more than four times bigger than the 22-inch model gives a glimpse at the type of display sizes that Samsung may explore over the next few years.