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Sina Corp Adds To Google's Woes In China

In yet another development in the ongoing clash between Google and the Chinese government, Sina Corp, the Chinese Internet portal operator has dumped Google’s search services from its website.

Sina Corp, owner of the 3rd most visited website in China, has provided another blow to the US search giant, deciding to use its own search technology instead.

Google’s share in the Chinese search market had been downgraded to quite an extent after it transferred its mainland China search service to Hong Kong in 2010, to avoid threats from hackers and government censorship.

This took place right after Google Inc announced of its decision to phase out its censored search contracts in the country. In an email addressing the queries of Questions Today, the company had stated: “Over time, we would not be syndicating censored search to partners in China after fulfilling our contractual commitments,”

Baidu Inc, the arch rival of Google in the Chinese market, has been devouring significant portions of the market ever since.

Its worth mentioning that the recent move by Sina Corp comes just a week or two after Google had blamed the Chinese government for blocking its gmail services, an accusation which was dismissed by Chinese government officials out of hand.