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Three UK Introduces HSPA+ Dongle

Three UK looks set to roll out its next generation broadband infrastructure as it announced today that it will start selling a new "premium" broadband dongle based on HSPA+, the first in the the UK.

The dongle also introduces a new form factor that allows the body of the model to rotate and point vertically upwards instead of sideways which Three says will "allow it to grab hold of our 3G network more easily".

Cunningly, the rotating head will also act as a cap so that it will no longer be lost. Users can expect the premium dongle to deliver speeds of up to 40 per cent faster than the older models - thanks to a new chipset - although 3 UK was keen not to put any numbers next to that claim.

The dongle, which is manufactured by Huawei and called the E367, will cost £69.99 on PAYG with 1GB loaded, £49.99 on a 1GB, 30-day rolling contract and £15.99 per month with 5GB per month.

Existing customers will be able to upgrade their dongle for £59.99 and new ones will not pay anything if they buy the 15GB monthly package on a two year contract for £18.03 per month. Although Three hasn't confirmed it, it is more than likely that there will be an integrated microSD card reader.