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Facebook Introduces Unified Mobile Website

Facebook has begun rolling out an updated mobile website for both low-powered feature phones and high-end smartphones.

In a blog post, Lee Byron, a Facebook product designer, explained that the for smartphones and the website for feature phones, as well as the website, an extremely slimmed down version of the platform, will all be replaced by one updated mobile website, Facebook aims to offer a single website to both smartphone and feature phone users.

The company said that it faced problems while running separate websites for feature phones and smartphones. Whenever the company introduced a new feature, it had to build it multiple times across different code bases.

According to Facebook, feature phone users will be able to access almost all the features that can be accessed by smartphone users on the new mobile website.

“With the new, users with high-end touch devices will see a rich touch-friendly interface; for users with feature phones, the site will look and work great,” Byron said.

“It also means that everyone can access the same features, whether writing messages or checking into Places. There will no longer be a difference between and, we’ll automatically serve you the best version of the site for your device,” he added.