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Facebook Value To Reach $234 Billion By 2015, Report Says

Social networking platform Facebook is expected to have a market value of $234 billion in 2015, earning $11 billion on $22 billion.

Lou Kerner, an analyst with Wedbush Securities, a company which analyses the value of private firms, made the huge estimation in his report on the 'Second Internet'.

According to Business Insider, the current $85 million valuation for Facebook seems to be on the right track.

Kerner had earlier predicted that the social networking giant would be worth $100 billion by 2015. The analyst apologised for under estimating the value of the company. His report also predicted that Facebook will one day operate on margins of almost 50 per cent. Kerner also said that the company's other revenue streams, like Facebook Credits, will continue to grow.

Facebook is also expected to earn a massive chunk of the online advertisement market, which is currently dominated by Google.

If the analyst's predictions are anything to go by, then Facebook will be worth more than Windows maker Microsoft is at present, with a value of $213 million and top the current value of search engine giant Google which is somewhere above $150 million. Apple, which is the most valuable tech company in the world, has a market valuation of $321 billion.