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Google Emulates Microsoft, Apple In ARM "Standardisation" Process

Google is following the footsteps of Microsoft and Apple by seeking to implement some sense of order in the rather chaotic world of ARM, the architecture that powers nearly all the devices that run on Android, Google's mobile platform.

Digitimes reported yesterday that Google *may be* negotiating directly with ARM "over the possibility of implementing standardization for ARM architecture products".

Sources for the news outlet said that standardisation would help with the upgrading process, reduce the development time of downstream partners, the time to market and maintain quality.

Arguably, Microsoft has been doing the same but with semiconductor manufacturers like Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments on which Windows 8 for ARM has been validated.

As for Apple, well, it took the standardisation process to the extreme by becoming its own ARM-based chip designer, removing the need to depend on third parties altogether.

Which brings us to Google and the tantalising prospect of seeing the search engine giant work with ARM on an Android-friendly blueprint that partners could adopt and implement easily.

We reported yesterday that Google is also trying to tighten control over Android by requesting that handset manufacturers stop adding proprietary software layers like customised user interface, in a bid to stop fragmentation and remove major obstacles to rapid firmware updates.