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HP ePrint Printers To Support Google Cloud Print

Hewlett Packard has updated its entire line of ePrint printers with support for Google Cloud Print, a cloud based mobile printing solution.

According to the company, its ePrint printers are the first printers to offer support for Google Cloud Print out of the box.

Any web, mobile or desktop app that supports Google Cloud Print will be able to print wirelessly over the cloud using HP's line of connected printers for home and office. Applications that currently offer support for Google Cloud Print include Gmail for Mobile, Google Docs for Mobile and Chrome OS.

Google plans to expand the functionality to third party apps based on Android and iOS soon. In order to start printing via Google Cloud Print, users would first have to add their unique HP ePrint-enabled Photosmart, Officejet or LaserJet Pro email address to their Gmail accounts.

Mike Jazayeri, director of Product Management at Google, said in a statement, “Users are rapidly migrating to web and mobile apps, and Google Cloud Print brings full-featured printing capabilities to these apps.”

“We are excited that HP has brought the first-generation of cloud-ready printers to market. While cloud printing is possible with any printer that is connected to a PC, users can achieve a more streamlined, intuitive experience by printing directly to a cloud-ready printer,” he added.