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One In Five Smartphone Users Shop Via Apps

New research has shown that one out of every five smartphone owners do shopping through mobile apps.

A study from the marketing firm The Bio Agency found that in the UK, an average of £30 is spent by shoppers through apps per month, on a wide variety of items from groceries and DVDs to train and movie tickets. The yearly figure for purchases via apps is estimated to reach as high as £581 million. The convenience of buying in this way is believed to be the main factor.

"It's about convenience and simplicity when purchasing. You might not be at the shop or have access to a computer but you do have your phone with you,” said Peter Veash, the managing director of The Bio Agency. This feature also allows shoppers to easily compare the prices in different stores.

In the last couple of years, smartphones have reached new heights in terms of popularity, estimates suggest approximately one third of the UK population owns one. Not only can users surf the Internet, play and download music and search maps, they also allow users to download many different apps, including those of well known retail stores.

The study cited by The Bio Agency was based on a survey of over 3000 people conducted by online research company One Poll last month.