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Twitter removes the '#Dickbar'

Last month's update to the Twitter for iPhone and iPad saw the addition of the Quickbar, also dubbed as the Dickbar, a ticker for trending topics. While it was a good idea, its placement essentially killed any chance of Twitter's users liking it.

Even though it was quickly repositioned in the app, it was already too late, and the feature's approval rating quickly dug its own grave. Just a few hours ago, Doug Bowman, Twitter's Creative Director, posted the on the official Twitter Blog that the social network removes features if the company decides that it is not improving "user experience".

"We want Twitter to instantly connect people everywhere to what's most meaningful to them," Bowman wrote. "In support of this, we will frequently experiment by trying new things, adding new features, and being bold in the product decisions we make. After testing a feature and evaluating its merits, if we learn it doesn't the user experience or serve our mission, we'll remove that feature."

"Rather than continue to make changes to the Quickbar as it exists," Bowman continued. "We removed the bar from the update appearing in the App Store today."

Most people quickly hated the Dickbar simply due to the fact that it was originally placed at the top of the home timeline, as the first Tweet. There was no option to kill the bar either, but after heavy user criticism, Twitter moved the bar to where you have to pull the page down to see it, like when you refresh.

"We believe there are still significant benefits to increasing awareness of what's happening outside the home timeline," Bowman concluded. "Evidence of the incredibly high usage metrics for the QuickBar support this. For now, we're going back to the drawing board to explore the best possible experience for in-app notification and discovery."