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Windows Phone Adds 1200 Registered Developers Per Week

Software giant Microsoft has announced that it now has 36,000 registered developers making apps for its Windows Phone 7 platform.

In a blog post, Windows Phone senior director Brandon Watson informed that the Windows Phone SDK had seen 1.5 million downloads since launch and the company was adding 1,200 new developers every week.

The company said that 40 per cent of the registered developers had published apps and games for the platform.

Microsoft also revealed that the Windows Phone Marketplace now has 11,200 applications, out of which 7,500 apps were paid apps while 1,100 apps were ad-supported. Around 44 per cent of the paid apps offered a trial version of their app.

The Windows maker said that it takes an average of 1.8 days for developers to get certification from Microsoft. Microsoft, which launched the Windows Phone 7 platform a year ago, said that 62 per cent of the apps submitted to it got approved at their first attempt.

“We’ve been very focused on the quality of the apps in the Marketplace since we first announced the platform one year ago, and we’ve done this by doing what we do best for developers; giving them great tools, tons of sample code and unparalleled support through our incredible Developer & Platform Evangelism team,” Watson said.