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113,000 Nintendo 3DS Units Sold In UK On Launch

More than 113,000 Nintendo 3DS gaming consoles were sold all over the country in the launch weekend; it went on sale on Friday 25th, on the same day the iPad 2 was released.

According to Videogamer (opens in new tab), this is a new record for the Japanese gaming company whose previous desktop console, the Wii, sold more than 106,000 over the same period back in 2006 and is notorious for the sustained demand it spawned over several months; the 3DS did also better than the DS.

Nintendo said that more than 303,000 Nintendo 3DS were flogged by the end of last week, which means that the UK accounts for more than a third of the European market, certainly its biggest one in Europe.

Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe's Managing Director of Marketing & PR said in a statement that "Nintendo 3DS allows people to experience, for the first time, 3D technology on the move and at home, with fun and surprises for all to enjoy".

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS were apparently well below what analysts had expected; they had expected a third more units to be sold, which may have gone a long way to close the gap with the PSP which has sold 185,000 units over 96 hours.

The industry's bellwether, Amazon, still shows that the Nintendo 3DS is already the best selling gaming console of the year, having surpassed the Xbox 360 and the PS3 within only a few days.

The fact that retailers like Amazon and Tesco have frantically cut down the price of the console also helped. It can now be purchased from as little as £187, down from £230 (opens in new tab).

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