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Google Adds Python, Java Support To Google App Engine Solution

Google has dished out a new version of its Google App Engine application development platform, offering support for tool for Python and Java developers.

In a post on the Google App Engine Blog, the company explained that the update is meant to "bring our Java and Python runtimes even closer to parity", a boon for developers.

App Engine, which allows developers to build apps using Google's cloud platform, was first launched with support only for Python. In 2010, the company updated the platform with support for Java runtime.

Google says that the latest update to App Engine will bring a new test library for Python while Deferred and Remote APIs will be introduced to Java.

“This release also introduces a new Blobstore writing feature, the experimental release of the Prospective Search API in Python, and a few goodies for Task Queue and Cron users,” the company said.

The company has also introduced a new search API which will allow developers to create filtering, notifications and monitoring services.

"The experimental Prospective Search API allows Python runtime users to detect and take action on datastore entities that match certain criteria when they are written,” Google explained in the blog post.