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Motorola To launch XOOM Tablet Next Week

Motorola will launch the XOOM tablet next week, possibly just ahead of the EEE Pad which was announced a few days ago and which Asus promised would be shipped as early as the 7th of April.

The tablet maker (opens in new tab) told The Inquirer that the tablet would be the first Honeycomb based tablet to reach the country and many retailers - including Currys (opens in new tab) - have listed the delivery date for the 9th of April which is still better than the 18th of April quoted by Amazon.

The 32GB XOOM will cost £499 which is £70 more expensive than the 32GB version while sporting the same hardware (1GB, Nvidia Tegra 2 Chip), the same screen, almost the same dimensions, the same rear camera and operating system.

The Transformer is slightly lighter but the XOOM has a better front facing camera. The XOOM however doesn't yet offer the possibility of adding a docking station like the one Asus will sell for £50 and which will nearly double the battery life of the tablet while adding a keyboard. Motorola has a similar accessory for its Atrix smartphone, one which costs a sweet £350.

Another manufacturer, Acer, will also be selling a new 10-inch tablet, the Iconia Tab A500 which will cost £449 and comes with more or less the same hardware specification as the two above tablets.

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