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PornWikileaks is a missed opportunity

A web site called (opens in new tab) has appeared on the Interwibble, causing a bit of a kerfuffle as part of its mission is to 'leak' the real names of porn stars.

Like anyone gives a, erm, fig.

Since the facts of the allegations made by two women against Julian Assange were made public, we've taken to referring to that site as Winkileaks - but only in private naturally.

Now, some self-serving homophobic twonk has self up pornwikileaks (opens in new tab) and, if reports (opens in new tab)are to be believed is sending shockwaves through the porn industry, as folk who have shed their clothing and taken a shafting up every conceivable orifice in exchange for a fistful of dollars and an eyeful of jism are now fearful of being outed to their, mum, granny, employer, neighbour or headmaster.

Surely the opportunity missed would have been to call it wankyleaks?

Anyhow, back to the threadbare plot. We had a little look at the site but it's taking ages to load and what we have seen seems to rail against gay people - or 'fags' in the site's parlance.

The Daily Beast had an email chat with a person who may or may not have something to do with the site and, besides claiming people were leaking stuff on a daily basis, the source also prattled on about 'fags' destroying the industry. Particularly Mexican ones, apparently.

So the facts are these: there's a web site called pornwikileaks. It has outed the real names of a few people who have appeared in porn films under such names as - we're guessing - Billy Longpipe, or Ivor Longdong or Twopumpsandasquirt Bert. That's about it. Now you know, so you don't have to visit it, but you will know what they're talking about when it comes up in conversation when you're next down the pub.

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