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Why Does Google Have An Ice Cream Sundae Doodle? Android 3.1 maybe?

Isn't it a bit strange that Google has suddenly decided to celebrate the Ice Cream Sundae, that desert that is a favourite amongst sun worshippers worldwide?

Some are claiming that the sudden apparition of the logo on Google's website could be linked to the successor of Honeycomb and Gingerbread, one which has already been named as Ice Cream Sandwich (rather than Sundae) and possibly its impending release.

We're still not sure whether Ice Cream wil be Android 3.1 or Android 2.4 as Google has been very quiet about the nomenclature that it will be using. But one can expect it to come over the next few months and we've already detected at least two occurrences of Android 3.1 on our Google Analytics log since the end of March as well as scores of Android 2.4 users since December 2010.

That said, it could just as well be a very innocent move by Google which happens to coincide with the first weekend after the summer time change.

As for the successor of Ice Cream, some have already suggested choosing Jelly or the obscure Jalebi, one which, according to Google's current product cycle would be launched towards the end of the year, just in time for Nvidia's first quad core ARM-based system on chip and ahead of Windows 8 for ARM.

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