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Android 45%, iOS 19% Of Smartphone Market By 2016, Research Says

Google's Android operating system is expected to dominate 45 per cent of the smartphone market by 2016, new research has claimed.

According to the latest smartphone market research conducted by ABI Research, Google Android, which was on 69 million smartphones that shipped in 2010, will continue to rise in popularity across the world and control nearly half of the smartphone market by 2016.

Samsung's own Bada operating system is also expected to rise to 10 per cent of the market share by 2016, judging by its growth of late. Research in Motion's Blackberry OS will register steady performance in the smartphone market, having moved from a 15 per cent share in 2010, to have a 14 per cent market share in five year's time.

ABI Research senior analyst Michael Morgan, said in a statement, “Android, Bada and BlackBerry have a great opportunity to fill the vacuum being left by the disappearance of the Symbian OS within the next two years.”

Apple's iOS on the other hand, aided by new iPhone and iPad products, will grow to have a 19 per cent in 2016 from the current 15 per cent market share. Windows Phone 7 will continue to struggle and will have to have a successful partnership with Nokia in order to acquire more than a 7 per cent share of the smartphone market, the study predicted.