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Apple iOS 4.3.1 gets user-friendly jailbreak

The iPhone Dev Team has released the first user-friendly Jailbreak tool for the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system.

Pwnage Tool 4.3 unlocks iOS 4.3.1 with a couple of mouse clicks and allows un-approved third-party apps to be installed on most of Apple's mobile devices with no technical knowledge.

The installer software, which works on any iPhone from the 3GS or newer, third and fourth generation iPod Touches, the original iPad and Apple TV, can be downloaded using the official Dev Team Torrent or a bunch of less official mirrors

The untethered Jailbreak was developed by regular contributor Stefan Esser and is compatible with redsn0w but doesn't yet support some of the older mobile basebands covered by ultrasn0w, users of which are advised to wait for a further update.

The iPad 2 is not yet included in the list of 'Pwned' devices because no-one has found a bootrom or i-boot level exploit to date - both Limera1n and SHAtter and have been shut out for now - but give it a couple of days and three will probably come along at once.

Although Jailbreaking your iDevice is perfectly legal, it may invalidate your warranty, could turn your iPhone into a very expensive paperweight and will certainly make Steve Jobs sad.