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Apple Planning Web Design Tool iWeb For iPad?

Apple is planning to bring its web design tool iWeb for Mac to its iPad tablet PC, a new patent application has revealed.

According to a report on Patently Apple (opens in new tab), the company has filed a patent for the iWeb application for the iPad.

Apple already offers several of its Mac applications like Garageband, iMovie and Photobooth for its flagship tablet PC device. The Mac version of the iWeb application allows developers to design websites.

While the idea of designing web pages straight from the tablet PC device is exciting, it is still not clear when Apple will choose to launch the iWeb application for the iPad. The company failed to give launch dates when it revealed other key iPad versions of popular Mac apps at the unveiling of the iPad 2.

Meanwhile, another patent application unearthed by Patently Apple reveals that Apple is planning to bring Spaces to the iPad device. Spaces is the multi-desktop feature that is available on Mac OS X. Similar to the Mac version, the Spaces feature on the iPad, will allow users to jump between different work spaces by a simple touch gesture.

Several iPad users had been calling for the app, with one user on the Apple Discussions forum saying that having "the ability to touch one button and switch spaces to where I have safari up to do some research would be awesome." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.