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Apple fixes GarageBand for iPad 2

Apple's Steve Jobs made much of the iPad 2's ability to transfer musical noodlings created in GargeBand for iPad to the iOS App's grown-up sibling at the recent launch of the device.

Unfortunately for musical Macolytes, the promised functionality was well and truly broken at launch but Apple has now released an update to GarageBand for Mac fixing the compatibility cock-up.

GarageBand 6.0.2 is a 45.2MB download, available now using Software Update under the Apple menu or direct from Apple's download site.

GarageBand is a brilliantly simple-to-use music creation tool, which can be used as a full eight track digital recording studio or an amusing distraction depending on your musical competence. The £2.99 iPad version contains a number of 'smart instruments' which can make even the ham-fisted and tone deaf sound like professional musos and is a must have for anyone with one of Apple's prodable PCs.