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ASA bans ads for CD jukebox - says it promotes piracy

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned advertising for a CD player with a built-in hard drive because it promotes piracy.

The Brennan JB7 came afowl of the Ad industry watchdog after receiving a single anonymous complaint about print ads which trumptetd the gadgets ability to rip entire music collections into a single box.

Using the UK's rediculously outdated copyright laws, which unlike most other develped nations have no provision for fair use policy when it comes to format shifting, the ASA decided that because the gadgets makers hadn't pointed out that copying music was illegal, the ds would have to be banned.

3GA, Ltd, which makes and sells the book-sized media player, said because no-one had ever been prosecuted for using its hardware it had assumed that nothing illegal was going on.

According to thinq_ 3GA also said that it believed two elements of copyright legislation could be interpreted as being applicable to consumers who enjoyed their music using such devices, because they were essentially music players and, provided the user was playing music they were legally entitled to listen to, the fact there was an electronic copy was incidental and had 'no independent economic significance'.

"We told 3GA to ensure future ads for such products prominently stated that it was unlawful to copy material without the permission of the copyright owner," said an ASA statement.