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Companies Disrupted By iPad 2 Shortages

The shortage of Apple's iPad 2 tablet device is forcing companies to delay implementing paperless board meetings.

According to an article on The Financial Times, a lot of European companies, small and large, are planning to or have already shifted to paperless board meetings.

Several companies moved to paperless board meetings by going for Apple's first generation iPad tablet PC device. However, several companies had waited for Apple to launch the iPad 2 and are now having difficulties in procuring the device owing to Europe-wide shortages and Apple's strict two devices per person selling policy.

Simon Small of Diligent, a New Zealand based software maker, which offers the Boardbooks app for the iPad, says that many companies in the UK and elsewhere in Europe only want the iPad 2 for their board members to view board papers on.

Diligent's app allows businesses to deliver board papers to members as a money and time-saving alternative to sending huge packs of paper to board members.

“Almost all of large organisations are now requesting their board papers on the iPad. The big problem Apple faces in the short term is meeting enterprise demand for the devices,” Small said in a statement to The Financial Times.