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Details Of New Blackberry Touch Model Emerge

Pictures of what looks to be the new Blackberry Touch have emerged in the US with the device likely to bear the monikers Monaco or Monza for the US and GSM models respectively.

BGR got the exclusivity on the handset which is described as being a "a thinner, faster and sexier BlackBerry handset" that is set to replace the Blackberry Storm 2.

RIM also appears to be willing to give up on the SurePress technology altogether and discard the "Storm" brand altogether (ed : it would have been called the Storm 3).

The Touch is expected to be the first RIM smarpthone to run on Blackberry OS 6.1 which is said to be a minor upgrade that will integrate cloud features and will offer various services such as remote backups, the ability to share contacts and restore devices, all available to users with a Blackberry ID.

The Blackberry Touch is expected to debut at Blackberry World in May alongside three other handsets, the Blackberry Bold Touch, the Curve Touch and the Blackberry Torch 2.

Expect it to come with a 1.2GHz system on chip, 768MB RAM, a 3.7-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera with HD recording capabilities, Wi-Fi, a front facing camera, 8GB onboard storage plus NFC onboard.