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IE9 Adoption Rate Five Times Faster Than IE8

Software giant Microsoft has announced that its newly launched Internet Explorer 9 web browser has reached 3.6 per cent usage share on Windows 7 operating systems.

In a blog post made by Ryan Gavin, senior director for Internet Explorer business and marketing, he cited new data by Net Applications to reveal that IE9 reached 3.6 per cent user base in the month of March on Windows 7.

He said that IE9's growth was five times faster than Internet Explorer 8's within the same time frame. The company credited the browser's growing popularity to the combination of IE9 and Windows 7 running on modern PC hardware.

“The combination of IE9 and Windows 7 with the PC creates the best experience for users of the web and the developers and designers that create those sites,” he said.

“With IE9 we made the decision to help unlock the best web experience possible, which means taking advantage of everything around the browser – including Windows 7 and modern PC hardware,” Gavin added.

Microsoft has also dismissed the browser downloads comparisons between Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 9, claiming that it was unfair to compare the two browsers as IE9 was only available on Windows 7.

"All of our early downloads (through March 27) were user-initiated with over 90% of the downloads coming from non-IE9 RC or Beta users, including over a quarter that came from Chrome and Firefox users," he claimed in the blog.