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Was Ice Cream Doodle Hint At Upcoming Android OS?

Google's latest doodle marking the 119th anniversary of the Ice Cream Sundae has given rise to a host of Android and Google TV related rumours.

The search engine giant gave everyone a surprise by replacing its company logo with a doodle of a mouth-watering Ice Cream Sundae. As the Ice Cream Sundae legend goes, the popular dessert was founded in Ithaca on Sunday April 3rd, 1892 by Chester Platt.

Traditionally, Google makes special doodles on national holidays and festivals around the world or marks the birthdays of notable people like scientists and musicians. Some believe that Google is trying to send a secret message about what users can expect in the next Android OS version.

According to Tech Radar, certain sources are claiming that Google's new Android iteration, codenamed Ice Cream, will be a mix of smartphone based Gingerbread and tablet-only Honeycomb OS.

The upcoming OS is expected to end the fragmentation problem plaguing the platform and allow users to sync their Android smartphones, tablets and TV sets. A new Android OS could also bring Android's app repository to Google TV.

The rumours also suggest that the doodle indicates that the company is preparing to launch the Android Ice Cream OS sooner as than expected. Ice Cream was previously anticipated to be launched in June this year.