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Massive Email Security Breach Exposes Millions

Email marketing firm Epsilon has been hit with a massive data breach that has exposed names and email addresses of millions of customers from top banking and retail companies, including Best Buy, TiVo Inc, Citigroup and Barclaycard.

Epsilon, a permission based email marketing and database hosting firm, informed its customers via email that a breach in the company's emailing system had exposed customer data.

The company assured that the leaked data was limited only to customers' names and email addresses and no other personal and financial information was at risk.

According to a report on Security Week, the Epsilon breach affected customers of major retailers and service providers like Kroger, TiVo, Home Shopping Network, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, Walgreens and Marriott Rewards.

The banks that were affected in the email breach include heavyweights like US Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and LL Bean Visa Card.

“Because email addresses can be used for 'phishing' attacks, we want to remind our customers that Citi uses an Email Security Zone in all our email to help them recognize that the email was sent by us. Customers should check the Email Security Zone to verify that email they have received is from Citi and reduce the risk of personal information being 'phished',” Citi said in an advisory message to customers.