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New Features Of Firefox 5 Revealed

As Mozilla's Firefox 4 web browser surpasses the 50 million downloads mark, new details of the Firefox 5 browser have emerged, hinting at a new user interface and more social media features.

According to WWWery, the first build version of Firefox 5, which is already available for preview, brings some major enhancements to the user interface and general features.

The browser will come with a Desktop App feature, which, just like the Pinned Sites feature on Internet Explorer 9, will allow users to attach specific websites to their desktop. Users will be able to access key website features without opening the website.

Mozilla has also replaced the Home button with a permanent Home Tab on the new web browser. The search feature on the web browser will come with colour-coded search engine tabs which will let users identify which search engine they are searching on.

Users will also be able to integrate their social networking accounts with the web browser for easy-to-use sharing options while browsing the web. Firefox 5 will also come with an integrated PDF viewer, video and MP3 player.

The current Firefox 5 preview version is named Firefox 4.2apre. Firefox 5 is expected to be released in the week of June 29th, with Firefox 6 and 7 being launched this year as well.