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Next Apple iPod Nano To Have Camera?

Apple has decided to include a camera in the upcoming seventh generation model of the iPod Nano, a leaked photo suggests.

The iPod nano was initially launched as a more “affordable” version of the iPod and it enjoys widespread popularity amongst users across the world. The inclusion of the camera does not appear to affect the size of the nano greatly, being still as small as the sixth generation version.

The earlier fifth generation iPod nano also included a camera, had a widescreen display and video playback. It additionally included a belt-clip as well as a multi touch display. However, much to the annoyance of many of its users, these new features had made the model considerably bigger than the earlier versions. As a result, Apple decided to drop these features in the sixth generation model to make the Nano as small as it was before.

But as reports suggest, Apple is not going to repeat the mistake it made with the fifth generation model, making sure the added feature does not end up compromising the size, one of the main selling-points of the Nano.

Some questions are still to be revealed, like how to use the camera and whether one will be able to share or upload images. A new spy shot of the in development 7th generation nano can be seen on the Taiwanese website, in what appears to be a component manufacturer leak.