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PS3 Overtakes XBox 360 In Global User Base

Sony's PlayStation 3 console now has more active devices globally than Microsoft's Xbox 360 even though the Xbox continues to dominate the US gaming console market.

According to new data released by market research firm Strategy Analytics, Sony's PS3 console had an installed user base of 43.4 million by the end of 2010, slightly higher than Xbox's 42.9 million. However, both consoles have a long way to go before they reach Nintendo Wii's figure of 75.5 million.

Sony's console has continued to outsell Xbox for the past two years and Strategy Analytics believes that the trend will continue for the coming few years. SA estimates that the PS3 will sell 15.7 million in 2011, followed by Xbox 360 with 13.7 million units and Wii with 10 million units.

Microsoft's failure to market Xbox properly outside the US has allowed Sony to dominate the European, Japanese and now, global market for gaming consoles.

Strategy Analytics' Digital Consumer Practice analyst Jia Wu, said in a statement “While the Kinect peripheral has given a boost to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 strategy, the console’s performance outside of the U.S. continues to disappoint.”

“Global demand for Sony’s PS3 has exceeded that of the Xbox 360 in each of the past two years, and we expect that to continue over the coming years,” Wu added.