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Sony To Supply iPhone 5 Camera Components?

In yet another surprising development, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer recently hinted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, that the company may supply Apple with its 8MP camera sensor for the upcoming iPhone 5.

It is rare to see Sony supplying hardware to one of its most formidable rivals in the consumer electronics market. The reason why Sony is helping its arch rival to strengthen its hold further in the market, should Stringer have been interpreted correctly, has been occupying a lot of minds.

The answer could be as simple as the simple theory of demand and supply. Semiconductor company Omnivision has typically been the main supplier for Apple until now. It supplied Apple with cameras for the iPhone 3GS as well as for both iPad models.

In February this year, Omnivision stated that its 8 megapixel cameras wouldn't be ready for a large volume shipment until the year’s end. But now, after a couple of months, many experts believe that Omnivision won’t be able to meet the huge quantity Apple will require, thus eventually bringing the Japanese giants onto the scene.

Stringer’s inadvertent comment could also add credence to the rumours about a possible delay in the release of the iPhone 5.