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Windows 8 To Replace Toolbars With Ribbon UI?

Leaked images of Microsoft Windows 8 OS early build reveal that the company has replaced the toolbar on Explorer with a Ribbon user interface.

The Ribbon user interface, which is used in Microsoft Office applications like Word, Power Point and Excel, appears to replace the traditional Windows Explorer toolbar in the new iteration of Windows.

The UI looks a bit chaotic judging by the initial screen shots. Microsoft might need to make the UI a little more comprehensible. Of course this is an early build version, so the final release will surely come with a very different UI.

Windows 8, which is expected to be brought out in late 2012, is being designed by Microsoft for tablet PC devices. It is still not clear whether the new Ribbon UI will be feature only in the tablet version or whether it will be used at all.

Judging by the latest UI screen shots, the toolbar is now divided into three basic parts, Home, Share and View. The Home ribbon comes with the basic options like Cut, Copy, Paste, Select and create New Folder. The Share ribbon will allow users to upload files to services like Skydrive, email and fax and burn them on CD. The View option will let users customise how they view the current folder and its contents.