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Wireless Power Consortium and WiPower get crossed wires

The Wireless Power Consortium has disputed claims that Qualcomm's rival WiPower technology is superior to the WPC-backed Qi technology, accusing the company of trying to steal its thunder with an unfinished tech demo.

Qualcomm's Mark Hunsicke told thinq_ (opens in new tab) during an interview last week that his company's WiPower technology was the future of wireless charging - comparing Qi's offering to the outdated technology used in electric toothbrushes where devices have to be carefully aligned to charge.

WPC chairman Menno Treffers has now hit back saying, "It is not correct that the Qi standard requires 'precise alignment'. Some Qi implementations require alignment," he admitted, "because that is a very low-cost solution. Other, more sophisticated, implementations have complete freedom of placement.

"The problem with demos is that key aspects remain hidden," Treffers claimed. "What is the efficiency in a real product; what is the standby power; are the emitted electromagnetic fields below regulatory limits; does it interfere with other products; what is the cost to implement this in a product?"

The wireless charging market is set to grow over the coming years with car and furniture manufacturers looking to incorporate the burgeoning technology into future products. Which technology will win the wireless war remains to be seen.