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86% Of Developers Think Android Fragmentation A Problem, Survey Shows

A new survey has revealed that the majority of mobile developers believe fragmentation is a big problem plaguing Google's Android platform, and prefer iOS on a number of other levels.

According to a survey conducted by Baird Research analyst William Powers, 86 per cent of developers were not happy with the level of fragmentation on Google Android, Fortune reports.

The survey, which was conducted in Q1 2011, involved input from 250 mobile phone application developers out of which 71 per cent were Android developers while 62 per cent developed for Apple's iOS platform.

Powers revealed that the amount of developers that considered fragmentation as a 'huge' problem was 24% while a further 33% called it a 'meaningful' problem, only 14% said that it was not a problem. The survey revealed that developers continue to prefer iOS in the areas of; ease of app development, app visibility and ability to get paid.

“Generally, developers seem to prefer a unified, single store experience like Apple's App Store,” the company said.

“iOS continues to lead followed by Blackberry, with Android still receiving poor marks in this category,” Baird added.

Google has already recognised the problem that is affecting the platform and is working towards revamping its OEM partner contracts to ensure that users get a unified experience across all Android devices.