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Apple Gets $625M Patent Infringement Ruling Overturned

iPad maker Apple has won an appeal against a $625 million patent infringement lawsuit brought against it by Mirror Worlds, after a US district court judge overturned the original ruling.

The patent lawsuit, which concerned how documents are viewed on a screen, was filed back in 2008 by Mirror Worlds, a company started by Yale University computer-science Professor David Gelernter.

The company had claimed that Apple infringed three of its patents in its Spotlight, Time Machine and Cover Flow features found on Mac operating systems. In October, a jury had ruled in favour of Mirror Worlds, ordering Apple to cough-up $208.5 million for each of the three patents infringed.

Apple appealed the court's decision, claiming that the penalty was too high and asked the courts to review Mirror Worlds' patents.

Judge Leonard Davis claimed that Mirror Worlds had failed to provide satisfactory evidence that its patents were actually infringed.

“The jury often relies on the representations of parties, who bear the burden of being accurate and complete and living up to the representations they make to the jury. No matter how attractive a party paints the facade of its case, it is worthless without the requisite foundational support,” he said in the ruling.