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Apple iPhone, Most Popular Mobile Platform In London

Yougov's survey results which was published yesterday provides with another interesting tidbit, 42 per cent of respondents who have a smartphone and live in London, possess an iPhone.

That's nearly four times the percentage in Midlands and 16 points higher than the national average. iOS is also the most popular platform in the south while rival platform Android is pips it in the North, Midlands, East and Wales leaving RIM's Blackberry OS as the dominant platform in Scotland.

Welsh are more likely to spend a LOT of time on their phones, compared to the rest of the country. A staggering eight per cent of them will spend 10 hours a more per day on their smartphone, eight times more than the national average.

When it comes to apps, social networking ones are the most popular ones, followed by news apps and gaming apps. A sixth of those who answered the survey said that they did not use any apps.

On a nationwide scale, Windows is still well behind the top three players at number five with Symbian a distant fourth.

Windows Phone 7 however is growing surprisingly quickly having captured three per cent of the user base of adults in the UK with a smartphone. That's more than Windows Mobile 6.5 and half that of Symbian; not bad for a mobile platform that's only a few months old.