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Google Could Face Broad Antitrust Investigation By FTC

The US Federal Trade Commission is planning to launch a fully fledged antitrust investigation into search engine giant Google's market dominance.

The FTC will decide whether to investigate Google's business practices after the Justice Department concludes its on-going probe into the proposed Google acquisition of ITA Software, Bloomberg reports, citing two people familiar with the matter.

The US Justice Department is currently evaluating whether Google's acquisition of ITA Software will have an adverse affect on competition in the travel information search market.

If the FTC decides to investigate Google, the range of the probe could be as broad as the Justice Department's probe against software giant Microsoft ten years ago, sources revealed. Both the FTC and the Justice Department, responsible for regulating market competition in the US, have been planning to investigate market leaders in the US internet sector for quite some time now.

Google on other hand, is playing it cool, claiming that consumers only use Google because they like what the company offers.

“Since competition is one click away on the Internet, we work hard to put our users’ interests first and give them the best, most relevant answers to their queries. We built Google for users, not websites,” Adam Kovacevich, a Google spokesman said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg.