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HMV Offering £200 Credit For Nintendo 3DS Console

HMV is offering to exchange your Nintendo 3DS console for as much as £200 in credit instore if you trade in before the 7th of April, this Thursday.

The offer is significantly better (opens in new tab) than Computer Exchange (up to £165 in instore credit) or Game (up to £190 trade-in credit).

By law however, HMV is obligated to refund unwanted items that are returned within a certain period, 21 days for online and 28 days for purchases made in any HMV UK retail stores.

The portable 3D gaming console was only launched two weeks ago and is already the best selling gaming platform for 2011 at Amazon ahead of the Xbox 360 250GB console despite being on the market for only a few days and costing nearly £200.

More than 113,000 3DS have sold in the UK on launch with an additional 190,000 units sold across Europe in the first 48 hours.

It comes with a 3.5-inch 3D screen that doesn't require any 3D glasses, a smaller, secondary normal screen, a 2GB SD memory card, two rear cameras that can take photos in 3D and a front facing one as well.

The retailer, which has announced that it will put the Waterstone's chain of booksellers for sale, also released an Android App for those looking to trade in games or consoles albeit from the current generation.

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